Learning Design

21st Century problems require 21st Century solutions. The learning landscape has changed yet learning design remains rooted in traditional design.

We re-drew the learning design in an organisation that utilised readily available online tools. We developed content in video and audio form, developed and managed communities, built webchats and access to nil/neutral cost asynchronous content.

We can help you understand how to reflect what people need now to perform better. We can help you move your ‘just in case’ learning to ‘just in time’ and ‘just for me’. Ultimately, we’ll help you support ‘just enough’ to make the difference.

We moved learning in an organisation from a face to face course based offer to an on demand, personalised offer that was available to any employee any time they needed it.

We understand why learning design needs to be different now. Covid-19 has changed the ways we work – and learn – forever and your learning needs to reflect that.

We developed asynchronous learning plans. Needing to reflect the need for just in time, just for me, just enough learning, we built communities and ways for people to connect outside of the classroom.