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Kate Graham Fosway Group

Kate Graham

Head of Content – Fosway Group

When I first met Andrew, he had just put a stop to all classroom training in his organisation – pretty radical for an L&D professional! It’s just one great example of how he thinks out of the box and tackles L&D problems differently. His staff were still able to learn but thanks to his innovation and determination, this became more about learning in the flow of their work, whilst saving the organisation countless £££.

It takes intelligence, experience, tenacity and real skill to manage key stakeholders, particularly in large and complex organisations. But this is what Andrew does. He understands organisational culture and values, taps into pain points and performance issues, and – most importantly – takes people on a journey with him ensure buy-in and to truly change how learning can impact a company and make a difference.

Sukh Pabial Challenging Frontiers

Sukh Pabial

Chief Learning Officer – Challenging Frontiers

When it comes to learning transformation, Andy is someone whose opinion I not only deeply trust, but have strong faith in because he puts the time in to do the thinking and have healthy dialogue about.

Niall Gavin

Commercial Learning Consultant at the CIPD and Accreditation Mentor at the LPI

I met Andrew and he quickly became, and remains, one of my most trusted colleagues and a valued member of my Personal Learning Network.

An experienced, pragmatic, challenging learning leader, I have watched him lead the continuing provision of in-house learning with no budget, and then transform the learning culture and activities in a tradition-bound national organisation. His passion is for deep understanding of the need for Learning & Development to be business-focused and evidence-led.

I consider Andrew to be a true professional friend and a genuine and original deep-thinking leader in learning.

Ziggy the cat - Chief Mouser

Ziggy The Cat

Chief Mouser

I was rescued from being a stray. Andrew is a great guy.

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